Management. Flow. Security

The PAX Workflow module allows you to plan a secure flow of information and work, and effectively manage it through your computer system. It can be effectively used for the circulation of electronic invoices, preparation of bids or submission of business trip requests. It is a tool that supports the most important processes shaping the organization of work within your company.


PAX Workflow streamlines the flow of information and documents without the need to print them, and gives you the ability to monitor the entire process. The workflow scheme is created through a special designer application which offers functionalities that are easy to use, particularly by people who are not professionally involved in programming. It includes convenient functions, such as drag&drop, a pop-up toolbar, graphical definition of decisions and flow paths, a possibility of nesting the flows and support for the definition of tasks for specific users and roles.

Once designed, a scheme of the flow is immediately delivered to the customer’s computer system and can become a representation of the entire business process or its part. The use of the Web Service technology integrates the module with your business system, allowing any activities from the flow to trigger specific actions and operations in that system. For example, it is possible to create a new instance of the scheme, download the list of tasks for a specific user, and check the status of a particular instance or the time frame set to carry out a specific task. PAX Workflow protects documents against damage and loss, significantly shortens the information flow process and lets you remotely manage the organization of your company.