Systemness. Acceleration. Simplicity.

Design and generate sets of invoices, order lists and other types of reports with the PAX eREPORTS module. It will help you create even the most complex templates which you can immediately print or place in your business system. And more importantly, it does not require any expertise in the field of graphical modeling of reports.


Reporting is an essential part of the operation of any organization, both in-company and in terms of customer cooperation. PAX eREPORTS is a tool that streamlines and accelerates tasks focused on creating cumulative and summary reports. The designer application allows you to easily arrange the layout, components, and data collection sources to generate a ready report template and forward it to your system.

On activation, the report downloads the data collected from sources such as MS Access, XML, database, OLE DB, MS SQL, ODBC and MySQL. Once the completed report is generated, it can be printed out or placed within the system, where it can be later compared or supplemented with new information, as needed.