Generator. Formality. Flexibility.

The PAX eDOCS module allows you to create document templates - from employment contracts, through leave requests, to offers that you present to your customers. It improves not only the functioning of the accounting department, but also the organization of work of the entire team.


The use of the module is intuitive. By using the convenient functions, which are also used in other products of the PAX family, you select elements to create your document template. The designer application lets you use images, text fields, numeric fields, tables, barcodes, and more. While designing the document, you can preview and print it at any stage. Once the document is integrated with your business system and an appropriate procedure is activated, it is filled in with data retrieved from the database according to the guidelines set in the template. The document is then stored in the electronic form or can be printed out if necessary.

Using PAX eDOCS facilitates the visual design of documents and automates the process of their generation, thus shortening the time spent so far on careful completion of the text of a contract, a certificate or a request.