Management. Content. Professionalization.

The PAX platform can also be extended by a content management system with which you can easily create web applications. By using only visual tools, you can design an entire web portal. To do this, you need no knowledge of a programming language used for professional website design.


Repository. Control. Organization.

PAX Document Management is a module responsible for the collection of documents. This tool allows you to trace the history of each document since its registration and it memorizes new versions of files.

By placing a document in the system, you can classify it and assign it to the appropriate user group. Pax Document Management will display the details of each contract and order request - not simply their creation date and the name of the author. The tool records data regarding each modification of the document and its new version.

The module protects the archive of your company while storing all the necessary documents in one place, which saves time spent on their organisation and recovery.

PAX Notification Engine
System. Control. Notification.

You can send a reminder of an important meeting or an invoice payment date, or pass information to your co-workers by using a notification system called PAX Notification Engine. This tool offers three communication channels: web, e-mail and text messaging with which you can create system and user messages.

The panel offers functionalities for planning alerts in terms of content, recipients or shipping time. It also saves the history of messages previously sent.