Case study
3Flow. Accountability. System. Standardization.

A dedicated 3Flow system, based on the PAX platform and its modules, optimizes and standardizes business processes related to the management of working time records, the administrative handling of the company and the calendar of individual employees’ availability.



We offer only proven solutions to our customers. Thus the first company for which we prepared a system based on the PAX platform was 3Soft itself. We are a company that designs and manufactures custom IT solutions tailored to the clients’ needs which we determine at the consulting stage. In our projects, we focus on multiple areas, ranging from audit and consulting, through software which is part of a comprehensive solution, to software development and maintenance.

3Soft currently employs over 50 members of staff, but the continuous development of the company creates a need for the further extension of our expert team, and an ever greater number of employees requires a solution that will improve the work of the HR department in a comprehensive way.


The problems identified in terms of the organization of work at 3Soft included: an elongated decision-making path regarding the formalities associated with staff and the non-system administrative support. Both factors significantly affected the processes within the company and were not conducive to its development.

3Soft needed to optimize and standardize business processes associated with its staff. It transpired that at this stage in the development of our company, we needed to introduce a tool that would reduce the time spent on administrative support and decision-making procedures, as well as procedures that would effectively secure documents from destruction.


Based on the advanced PAX platform, we created a new system which was a dedicated intranet portal. 3Flow is used primarily for tasks connected with administrative staff support, the settlement of employee working time, submitting applications and requests, and monitoring their status. It helped us speed up the decision-making processes and improve the administrative support with the aid of the introduction of an electronic employee briefcase and a calendar of individual employees’ availability.

The implementation of the new system improved the flow of information, and the monthly settlement of the working time was significantly reduced. As a result, 3Flow contributed to the improvement of HR management, which resulted in a more efficient organization of work at 3Soft.

To create a cohesive and comprehensive tool, we used the PAX platform basic modules that included:

  • PAX WORKFLOW - which enables efficient and secure flow of information and work, and allows employees to submit requests and track their history,
  • PAX eDOCS - which allows you to create document templates with commands that enable automatic completion e.g. of a contract of employment,
  • PAX eFORMS - which allows you to design and modify interactive forms, and later place them on the website,
  • PAX DASHBOARD - which gives you full control of the organization of internal tasks within the company through personalized managerial desktops,
  • PAX CMS - which helps you manage content,
  • PAX NOTIFICATION ENGINE - which is a notification system offering two alert channels: e-mail and text messaging,
  • PAX DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT - which lets you collect and manage documents.

The 3Flow system allows the employees to manage dates of leaves and training courses, submit requests and track the process of their approval. By collecting all the necessary documents in one place, settling the working time has become easier and faster. Thanks to 3Flow our company has entered a higher organizational level.